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The global automotive industry is facing many challenges. Manufacturers and suppliers need to find ways to respond effectively to increased competition and disruptive markets. They must also contend with the increased complications caused by the longer supply chains that have resulted from globalization. These complications can include the need to comply with the regulatory requirements of different regions, demands to meet sustainability objectives, trade policies and so on. At the same time, consumers are seeking out new technologies, pushing organizations to stay up to date with technological advances and be more innovative than ever.

To keep up with changing trends and customer needs, automotive manufacturers must proactively mitigate any potential business disruptions. Ensuring your organization is adaptable and lean will enable you to allocate resources toward strategic growth initiatives and added value investments.

SGS has decades of experience partnering with auto manufacturers so they can deliver effective, performance based services. Our datacentric approach allows us to identify our clients’ specific needs and develop and deliver customized solutions including certification, training, second party audits, supply chain mapping and technical consulting.