Packing and palletizing 30/01/2021

A variety of software options allow the user to rapidly generate pallet patterns and monitor the status of the palletizing system. vnas has experience palletizing cartons, bags, pails, kegs,...

Jig & Mold 30/01/2021
Electrical & Electronics 15/03/2021

Innovative human - friendly dual arm robot with breakthrough functionality designed to unlock vast global additional automation potential in industry. 

Automobile supporting industry 30/01/2021

The global automotive industry is facing many challenges. Manufacturers and suppliers need to find ways to respond effectively to increased competition and disruptive markets. They must also...

Food & Beverage 28/02/2021

At Like, our sheet metal manufacturing services are of high quality and cost effective. From prototypes to large components (12 feet long and 50 inches wide), Like will expertly produce all kinds...

Metal Fabrication 15/03/2021