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null VNAS - Purchasing Sales Engineer


Job description:

- Understanding technical documents related to Metal Casting (Catalogue + Attending training course provided by suppliers)

- Conducting market & customer researches in Metal Casting (mainly cars and motorcycles)

- Exploiting available customers

- Conducting project survey

- Preliminary dissection of project volumn, contact suppliers, plan implementation, collaborate with Solutions Dept./Design Dept./Purchasing Dept. in order to demonstrate solutions and quote to customerss

- Tracking order progress, delivery schedule and installation progress

- Conducting plan to deploy commercial products, spare parts and consumables in Metal Casting

- Synthesizing and reporting regularly to the department head ongoing project status, issues to be addressed, and problems that are hindering project closure

- Customer service

Job requirements:

- Specialized in mechanical engineering, metal processing, casting

- Knowledgeable about the North of Vietnam’s industrial zones

- Knowledgeable about customers in automotive and motorcycle sectors

- Preliminary extraction of mechanical drawings skills

- PowerPoint presentation skills

- Technical plans explanation skill

- Fluency in Vietnamese communication

- English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean is an advantage to increase salary beyond the default rate.

Receiving Application in Vietnamese Language:

Contact person: Mr. Linh

Tel: 0978360000